Schengen Visa Calendar

I am almost a digital nomad.

But not really. I do commute between San Francisco and Sofia every six weeks, but I’m not really nomadic. I’m more like the geese who fly south for the winter.

But I keep the company of many digital nomads: meeting them mostly in Europe. They often want to stay in Europe (in the Schengen region) as long as possible. And they want to plan their travel so that they leave before they violate their visa terms. Violating your visa is a big deal for digital nomads, because if you overstay your Schengen welcome, then basically all of Europe can become off-limits to you.

And so I lived by those rules for a couple of years. Trying to find out how long I could stay, or at what point I would start to violate was always a hassle. There are a few sites that try to help, but they’re terrible to use.

So I made this one, which I like better:

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