New Shoes Prototype

I have a favorite pair of shoes that I like because they fit well, and they are made from a funky leather that you don’t find every day. I bought them in Prague from some shoe discounterĀ fifteen years ago; but only started wearing them five years ago. I wore them until the soles had worn through and the stitching was coming out.

prized shoes

Which made the next part a lot easier…


I pulled them apart and made a pattern from them. The idea is that, whenever I want a cool pair of shoes made from some funky new fabric, I could use my pattern and laser cut the pieces and sew them together.


So I chose canvas as my ‘muslin’ (because I figured it would be stiff enough and durable enough, but still cheap to practice on). Turns out that it frayed so much, I couldn’t keep it together to stitch it without applying large amounts of nail polish to the edges (a trick I learned from a crafter I knew a long time ago).

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