STiL is an app for smartphones that helps you capture a person, event or place using sound and images, and share it with friends, family, or the world. A stil is rich and immersive–like a video, but compact–like an image.

What is it like to be standing at the gates when your child gets out of school? Who’s still left around the pool just before dawn on the last day of Spring Break? Can you remember the sound of the fishmongers in the Sicilian market at the height of summer? STiL takes a special moment and makes it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Create a stil simply by taking pictures. As you shoot, STiL records the sound too and when the event is over–presto!–you have an enhanced presentation of images and audio that you can share anywhere you like.


STiL was also released as Sumry, a collaboration with photographer and developer Paul Freeman. Below a video describing how it works, with the Sumry branding.

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