Parts List for new Standing Desk

Parts list for standing desk:

  • Two 36-inch pine table top rounds (pine: $40 each)
  • Four palette 3×3’s (Doug fir, $1 each or free if you ask nice)
  • 1-inch thick pine plank
  • two 3/8-inch dowels
  • wood glue

We got all this in one go at Builder’s Supply Hardware. I expected to have to go back for more stuff, but we never did. Partly that was because we built it at TechShop, where we had access to:

  • table saw
  • band saw
  • jig saw
  • radial arm saw
  • drill press
  • cordless drills, and complete bit sets of all sizes
  • lathe
  • clamps
  • bins full of spare wood bits
  • measuring tapes, angle measures
  • belt sander
  • printer
  • cad software

And of course, I had to have one other resource at the ready:

  • Linda


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