The Twitter Jumbotron

How do you make a concert or live event more interactive? Why, by wrapping the Twitterverse around it, of course.

The idea was to make it so that people could ‘talk’ at an event that doesn’t traditionally involve a conversation. Folks are connected constantly through Twitter and Facebook already as it is, and asking everyone to turn phones off during every performance is not realistic. Plus, if your ‘conversation’ is on Twitter, it serves as a way of promoting the event (or series of events) at the same time as it’s interactive during the event.

The first time we used Twitter Jumbotron was at a rock festival in San Francisco. We used an at-tag (rather than hashtag) because we set up a special user for the event. Lindsey Boullt created the event. You can see him and the other performers interviewed here:

The second use was as part of a multimedia presentation, where vintage (we’re talking 1920) porn video was played as a backdrop for Twitter ‘confessions’ containing the appropriate hashtag. This was at the Makeout Room in San Francisco, emceed by Ginger Murray.

The third use was as an audience polling mechanism during a cabaret show at Slim’s in San Francisco. Also emceed by Ginger Murray.

The code is open source, but not currently supported. The implementation was using a Macbook, Quartz Composer, an adapter that scrapes Twitter for the right hashtags, and several high-lumen projectors.

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