Use the chat to ask questions relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). The chatbot uses a recent version of ChatGPT-4-Turbo and the directive to help a patient with a diagnosis of DCIS. Use it Read more ›


T-ALL Chat for Pepi

Use the chat to ask questions relevant to the treatment of Pepi’s leukemia. You can try to chat about other things, but the chatbot’s objective is to help us to cure Pepi. The chatbot uses ChatGPT-4 and a description of Read more ›


New Shoes Prototype

I have a favorite pair of shoes that I like because they fit well, and they are made from a funky leather that you don’t find every day. I bought them in Prague from some shoe discounter¬†fifteen years ago; but Read more ›


The mission of 7commons is to facilitate collaborative ownership and cooperative use of production resources that are too expensive to afford on your own too difficult to maintain too infrequently used to justify too rapidly depreciating given an individual level Read more ›